We manufacture different types of FRP products that are used for different structural and aesthetic applications in civil works and other custom constructions and other Infrastructures.

Products we manufacture come with below advantages such as:

  • Appropriate Load designed profiles for your application.
  • Best aesthetics and better visual feel.
  • UV-Stability
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Quality material, peace of mind and zero tensions on technical issues.

List of standard FRP/GRP products we manufacture for Civil, Solar, and other Infrastructural applications are listed below:

  • FRP Railings.
  • FRP Fencings.
  • FRP Louvers.
  • FRP Support Structures.
  • FRP Masts and FRP Airport Infrastructure.

And many more custom FRP products can be manufactured as per the customer requirement.

The FRP and Epoxy products we manufacture conform to various grades and International Standards such as IS, ASTM, NEMA standards (can be tested as per the customer requirement)