We manufacture different types of FRP Composites that find wide application in the field of Defence. The trend for FRP products in defence applications has increased mainly because of its unique properties.


Products we manufacture possess the following properties:

  • Appropriate profiles designed for your application to avoid multiple parts
  • Excellent aesthetics with a resin rich layer for additional chemical barrier
  • Usage of the right resin systems such as Epoxy, vinyl ester, Isophthalic or other polyesters suited for the application
  • UV-Stability
  • Fire retardance as per UL94; ASTM D635-14 grades.
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Good load bearing strength with high strength to weight ratio

List of standard FRP/GRP Composite products we manufacture for defence are listed below:

  • FRP Radar Support Frames
  • FRP Containers
  • FRP Cylinders
  • FRP High Pressure Tubes
  • FRP Transmission Covers
  • FRP Panels
  • FRP Decking Sheets
  • FRP Gratings for Maintenance Areas
  • FRP Railings in Maintenance Areas


And many more custom FRP products can be manufactured as per the customer requirement for specific applications.